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September 12, 2012 - Poll Shows Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Popularity at All-Time Low

Penzone for Sheriff Campaign — Stacy Pearson, Communications Director

Poll Shows Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Popularity at All-Time Low

Phoenix, AZ – Arpaio can be beat.

A poll released today by the Penzone for Sheriff Campaign shows Joe Arpaio with the smallest lead in his 20-year elected history, ahead by merely 5.5 points — almost within the margin of error — over challenger and 21-year Phoenix Police Department Veteran Paul Penzone.

Switchboard Communications, a Washington-D.C.-based firm, conducted an automated telephone poll of 850 respondents, Sept. 10 on behalf of the Penzone for Sheriff Campaign. Respondents were asked who they would vote for, if the election was held today. Results were as follows:

Joe Arpaio 44.47 percent
Paul Penzone 38.94 percent
None of the Above 8.35 percent
Mike Stauffer 8.24 percent

The poll has a margin of error of +/-4% and the sample closely reflects Arizona voter turnout in the 2008 general election.

Penzone has also amassed the largest warchest of any Arpaio opponent in history, with $320,000 raised to date. This pales in comparison, however, to Arpaio’s $7 million raised per the last reporting period.
“Joe Arpaio has failed our community. This poll demonstrates that no amount of money will buy the forgiveness of the Maricopa County voters,” Penzone said. “It’s time for new leadership in Maricopa County.”
Additional details from the poll and its universe are below:

Q: Q2-Party Total Percent Q: Q4-Sheriff Total Percent
1-REPUBLICAN 351 41.29% 1-Paul Penzone 331 38.94%
2-DEMOCRAT 285 33.53% 2-Joe Arpaio 378 44.47%
3-INDEPENDENT 194 22.82% 3-Mike Stauffer 70 8.24%
4-ANOTHER PARTY 20 2.35% 4-None of the Above 71 8.35%
Grand Total 850 Grand Total 850

Q: Q5-Age Total Percent Q: Q3-Arpaio Total Percent
1-18-35 93 10.94% 1-VERY FAVORABLE 301 35.37%
2-36-55 283 33.29% 2-SOMEWHAT FAVORABLE 151 17.74%
3-56-64 242 28.47% 3-SOMEWHAT UNFAVORABLE 109 12.81%
4-65 or older 232 27.29% 4-VERY UNFAVORABLE 289 33.96%
Grand Total 850 (blank) 1
Grand Total 851
Q: Q6-Gender Total Percent
1-Male 398 46.82%
2-Female 452 53.18%
Grand Total 850

Q: Q7-Ethnicity Total Percent
1-Caucasian 667 78.47%
2-Latino 72 8.47%
3-African-American 33 3.88%
4-Other 78 9.18%
Grand Total 850

To schedule interviews with Paul Penzone, please contact Stacy Pearson at 602 577 6888 or

ABOUT PAUL PENZONE: Paul Penzone is a veteran Phoenix police officer who earned national and international recognition for his leadership in the capture of high-value fugitives and take down of drug trafficking organizations. Since his retirement, Paul has dedicated his time to helping child abuse victims and preventing root causes of criminal activity through counseling services to young children.
As Sheriff, Paul will work to make Maricopa County the safest community in America. He’ll demand accountability at the top, practice results-based policing, and eliminate wasteful spending so we can put more deputies on the streets. For more information, visit