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Thank you for your support in the Primary Election!

Published on August 29, 2012

Last night was a tremendous step forward for Paul Penzone's campaign to become the new Sheriff of Maricopa County!

More than 60 people attended our victory celebration in Tempe, where they heard Paul speak after his strong victory in the Democratic primary. It was a great event and we are thankful for all the volunteers and supporters who turned out last night to support Paul.

Now the fight really begins. With your help, we can end Arpaio's political grandstanding, return the focus of the Sheriff's Office to fighting crime, and make Maricopa County a safer place to live. While we’ve achieved great results thus far, now the real fight begins, and we cannot and must not take anything for granted.

Joe Arpaio will be in Tampa tomorrow speaking to a national audience, and has more than $4 million on hand to aid his efforts. We can beat him, but we need as much support as possible to do so.

Please consider making a financial contribution TODAY by clicking the DONATE button at the top of the page to ensure that we are able to kick off this next phase of the campaign strong, with resources demonstrative of our commitment to unseat Arpaio and restore integrity to the sheriff’s office.

Thank you again for your support and assistance. We could not have done it without you.

Enough of the Spite

Published on April 27, 2012

It never serves anyone to do things for “Spite.”

On more than one occasion I have heard Joe Arpaio state that he is taking an action simply to “spite” others. He said he would run for office for a fifth term, just to “spite” those who oppose him. He has gone into jurisdictions against the wishes of local law enforcement agencies, just to “spite” them and their disapproval of his reckless operations; and recently he stated that he went out and arrested another 500 illegal immigrants just to “spite” the Department of Justice and their opposition of his practices. Well, that number was greatly exaggerated.

I wonder if it was spite that made Joe Arpaio direct his agency and the County Attorney’s Office to file charges against Officer Lovejoy, after the tragic loss of his K-9 partner? I realize that the Sheriff is aware of the immense level of support for animals’ rights, but was it spite that led him to oppose those that advised him there was no justification for the charges? Was he being spiteful when he paraded this veteran officer in front of the media, booking him after publicizing that he would be arresting the officer for the loss of the K-9? Any experienced and objective police department leader would recognize that the charges had no merit and that Lovejoy posed no threat to the public. So why book him instead of filing charges for review, was it spite?

Ultimately, we all are bearing the burden of Joe Arpaio’s spite. The Sheriff’s Office released a statement claiming to have paid a settlement to Lovejoy of $175,000, suggesting that it was some type of a win on their part, because of this modest pay out. What we learned immediately after, however, is that the true number taxpayers had to dish out—due to Arpaio’s spite—was $775,000 because of attorney’s fees. This case could have been settled for less than half that amount when it was filed, as Lovejoy only asked for approximately $350,000. Apparently Joe Arpaio decided to spite Lovejoy again by refusing to acknowledge his mistake immediately. Because of this, Joe Arpaio allowed the lawsuit to drag out for years before settling at a higher amount; all at our expense.

The taxpayer debt for Arpaio’s spite has exceeded $50 million in lawsuits to date; he will continue to spite us.

We have given the ultimate authority to Joe Arpaio by voting him into office and then empowering him with all the powers of law enforcement. This is a considerable amount of influence and power that should be used for the good of our community, at least this is the true intent. My mother used to tell me, “Never bite your nose to spite your face,” but make no mistake about it, Joe Arpaio’s spite is affecting our face, our reputation, our bank accounts and our safety.

It’s time to restore integrity to the Sheriff’s Office by retiring Joe Arpaio. We can no longer afford to pay for his spite.

- Paul Penzone

Penzone Campaign Announces More Endorsements

Published on April 18, 2012

Penzone Campaign Announces More Endorsements
PHOENIX, Ariz (April 18, 2012) – Continuing from last’s week’s announcement of endorsements, today Maricopa County Sheriff Candidate Paul Penzone unveiled his second list of individuals who are publicly supporting his campaign.

“I have been very honored and humbled to have received endorsements from such a diverse and respected group of Valley leaders,” said Paul Penzone. “Many have come forward and expressed to me their willingness to publicly support my campaign, and we will continue to announce more names and groups over the following weeks. The community is making known their desire to move the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office forward in a positive direction and return the focus to public safety.”

This week’s announced endorsers include:
Ginny Dickey, Vice Mayor of Fountain Hills
Jack Harris, Former Director of Public Safety, City of Phoenix
Tom Simplot, City Councilman, Phoenix
Lisa Urias, Owner of Urias Communications
Michael Watts, Chairman of Sunstate Equipment Co.

About Paul Penzone
Paul Penzone is a career Phoenix police officer who earned national and international recognition for his leadership in the capture of high-value fugitives and take down of drug trafficking organizations. As Sheriff, Paul will work to make Maricopa County the safest community in America. He’ll demand accountability at the top, practice results-based policing, and eliminate wasteful spending so we can put more deputies on the streets.

For more information, visit


Published on April 14, 2012

The inability of high-ranking officials to assume responsibility for irresponsible actions is the greatest failure of leadership. Former County Attorney Andrew Thomas is another example of a growing list of public servants who have abused their position and authority to intimidate and harass others who oppose their views.

Let us never mistake poor judgment from unethical behavior. The abuse of authority is never acceptable and must always be addressed. Every elected position comes with great power, but none greater than those who hold offices that yield the influences of criminal law. Therefore, his abuse of this authority required aggressive action and the strong statement that it must never be tolerated.

The authority given to elected officials is a gift, not an entitlement. We have an obligation to act in an objective manner, applying the laws without bias or abuse and always respecting the authority that was provided by the community.

As disappointing as the failures is the unwillingness to display the courage, integrity and character to stand and take responsibility for the failures. It is never acceptable to make excuses for the ultimate responsibility by blaming others. Do not allege conspiracies by higher powers when your failures are well documented and have been brought to your attention many times prior to your judgment day. Have the conviction and character to admit your failures and prove that you are worthy of forgiveness. If you don’t have that courage, then just go away quietly.

Thomas’ ridiculous statement comparing himself to such great men as Martin Luther King and Gandhi only exaggerated his failures and abuses. Do not tarnish the sacrifices by these great men and expect us to accept excuses for abuse of power.

We have seen far too many examples of this abuse and there is a common denominator. The Sheriff’s Office proclaims leadership from the “Toughest Sheriff” in America, yet he knows nothing of the actions of many of his highest-ranking officials. Now, we have witnessed and responded to the abuse of authority by the former County Attorney. Yet his actions required collaboration by a law enforcement agency, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. There is a core group of individuals, all in a positions to exert considerable authority and influence and their collective actions have been abusive and subjective. It is time to put this to an end.

How can we expect our children to take responsibility for their actions when our leaders behave in this manner? We have the power to force change for the benefit of our community. It is time that we had leaders who respect the authority they have been given. It’s time we elected leaders who serve our needs and not their own. I am committed to serve this community and ensure your safety, with integrity.

- Paul

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